Why I want to maintain my health the natural way

It’s been a while since I lasted posted anything on here so excuse the wait but now i’m back and i’ll be making more of an effort to bring you interesting articles, tips and information on all aspects of natural health. Feel free to send in your own thoughts and comments on anything I write or on things you have discovered that you want to share.

As I have grown older, the state of my health has become more important to me. It sounds an obvious statement to make but often it’s not until things go a little wrong that you think about what really matters.

I’m lucky that any ailments I have are relatively minor; more of an annoyance than anything else. My food allergies mean I have restricted choices when going out for dinner but does it matter so much that I can’t have the chocolate fudge cake and salted caramel ice cream, or the amazing looking cheese board or the freshly baked bread? Well, sometimes yes, I feel frustrated at the limitations imposed on me but when I think about how ill some of those foods have made me in the past, having a little less choice doesn’t seem so difficult.

How we treat our health, both mental and physical, is a choice each of us can make. I would never stand up and preach that only natural methods should be used; I believe there is a place for both traditional medicine and natural medicine which, combined, can give us a truly holistic approach. It is always up to each one of us to make up our mind what sort of treatment we want whether it be for a groggy ‘morning after the night before’ or something more serious.

Last week I had an lively discussion with a lovely client about face lifts and plastic surgery, for example. Now, there is undoubtedly a place for plastic surgery, especially for corrective surgery. My own preference is that I wouldn’t undergo plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons but I would never object to someone else doing that if it was what they really wanted.

rosemaryMy route down the natural path has led me into a whole new career where I am forever learning and trying new things. Postural alignment training, for example, where very simple exercises not only got rid of shoulder pain I was experiencing but also helped me improve my running performance. There’s no magic behind it, it’s about making the most of the body you have and helping it function in the best way possible.

facial.1.1Likewise, I choose to use essential oils for a multitude of things from first aid, to helping my skin, for minor ailments and even to change my mood. Of everything I have tried, the natural way works best for me. I know what I am putting on and into my body and I’m happy that it;s the right choice for me.

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