Below are some of the questions people have asked about The Grounded Guide programme when they have signed up. Hopefully these will give you the information you need but feel free to get in touch with me here if there is anything else you want to ask.

don’t really understand what self-care is. Isn’t it about having a bath or pampering yourself?

Self-care involves lots of different aspects. It may well involve a bath  if you enjoy that as part of taking a break and caring for your physical needs. However, true self-care looks at your physical, social, emotional and mental needs and can be quite challenging. Within the programme, we look at all sorts of things, including your belief systems, how to quiet your inner critic and  how to set yourself up for seeing the positive within yourself and the world around you as well as ways to physically care for yourself.

I don’t have the time

I understand what you are saying but do you see a point in the near future when you will have plenty of time to prioritise you and your needs? If not, how long do you think you will be able to carry on before you feel burnt out and completely exhausted? This course will help you create time for your needs, even when it doesn’t feel like there is any space in your diary for that. Having time scheduled in your diary that is actually just for you will feel liberating and will give you the time out you need to carry on giving to others around you. You have the freedom to choose when your sessions are over a four month period so you can space them out if that feels more comfortable.

It’s too expensive / I don’t have the money right now.

Can you afford to keep ignoring your own needs? What would it be worth to you to feel more in control of your own emotional, mental, physical and social needs? It’s not selfish to prioritise you, it’s vital and necessary to your overall well-being. No one else can take responsibility for your self-care. 

Making a financial commitment also means we are more personally committed to making changes. I appreciate that you may not have the full amount in your bank account and I offer payment plans to help with this. 

I can find this information for free online

Absolutely, you can. However, what I am offering is a tailored guide that is specific to you and your needs, not anyone else. It’s also much easier to find what works for you with some guidance rather than trying to sift through the mine of information that is available online.