Self care is NOT an indulgence

Me Time. Self Care. Time Out. Whatever you call it, making time for yourself is NOT an indulgence. It’s vital to your personal well-being, both physically emotionally and mentally. And if you are under prolonged periods of stress, it’s even more important that you take that time to look after yourself.

One of my most used phrases is that you can’t pour from an empty vessel. Life these days is often full on; diaries are packed with work, social events and never ending to-do lists. We race from one thing to the next and the addition of emotional stress can leave us feeling exhausted, drained and completely spent in terms of energy levels and mental capacity. Making time for yourself may seem unachievable and just another thing to fit in but an hour away from it all can actually have the opposite effect; giving you a chance to switch off mentally, re-charge physically and feel ready to cope with the next item on your list.

Self care does not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach; it’s an individual choice and it’s key to choose the right form of self care for you, whatever form that may take. For some, it may be taking 15 minutes out to really enjoy a coffee without distractions. For others, it may be exercise or a massage. Even tidying something or completing a task that you’ve been avoiding can be therapeutic if it gives you that feeling of relief that is so needed and welcome.

There are many simple self care strategies you can incorporate into your life to help relax and restore you and to reduce stress levels. Here’s an article from verywellmind that gives ten of those strategies for self-care right now!

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