Detox Day 2 – My first ever colonic

Day 2 began with me noticing that, whilst my skin might be starting to throw out toxins, it’s also feeling smoother, softer and more hydrated. Although the last part is not surprising bearing in mind how many litres of fluids I have consumed so far, it’s a definite bonus to start noticing the effects already.

So, onto the real question. How was my first colonic? Every time you mention the word colonic, people start wincing and grimacing, imagining the worst usually without knowing what a colonic treatment actually involves. If you’ve ever seen the episode of Green Wing where Dr Statham gives himself a coffee enema, you’ll know what I mean.

Although I was under no misapprehensions that Nicole would be treating me in a similar way, I was somewhat nervous. It’s never easy to be literally so exposed with someone but all I had to do was remind myself that this is going to improve my health.

Nicole is a total professional and put me at ease within seconds. She been doing this a long time and is incredibly experienced with a very friendly manner. She understands it might not be an easy treatment for people to come for but she has a way of explaining the benefits that make it an easy decision.

She started by taking photos of my eyes for the iridology and could immediately spot potential problem areas. Whilst I had made her aware of my food intolerances, she also spotted other problems that I had not mentioned, which was pretty impressive. I’ll get the full low down on what she can tell from my eyes on Friday and will post more detail then if anyone is interested to read about it.

I’m sure no one really wants to know the ins and outs of my colonic treatment (no pun intended) but it was absolutely fascinating. The only part which feels a bit weird (probably more out of embarrassment than anything else) is having the tube inserted. After that, you just lie on your back with your knees bent and have a chat whilst Nicole massages your stomach. She varies how the water comes in through the tube but always talks you through what she is doing so you are aware of what is happening and what the treatment is doing. It feels a little odd at times but not at all painful and I quickly overcame any initial embarrassment. She talked me through the purpose of colonics, what it can help with, what to expect over the next few days of the detox programme and what to expect with my second colonic.

Having got home and had some more juice, I’m a little tired but the dull headache I had this morning has totally gone and my digestive system feels more relaxed and better than it has done in years. Instead of feeling bloated and sluggish I feel physically lighter and better. It’s a hard feeling to describe but it’s safe to say I am converted. If I feel this good now, I’m excited to know how I’m going to feel at the end of this programme and I will definitely have more colonics in the future to make sure I keep my digestive health in the best condition possible.

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