Detox Day 1


Well, I’m coming to the end of day 1 and so far, I feel ok. I’ve consumed a vast quantity of liquids, including the special cleansing drinks, which, in fairness, has kept me feeling fairly full all day. I’ve had a couple of woozy moments but overall it’s not been too difficult and my energy levels are quite good. I don’t think I would attempt a long run but I definitely feel better than I thought I would. I’m interested to see how my body reacts over the course of the next 4 days and in the following week as I slowly reintroduce foods into my diet, in terms of my skin, my energy levels and my overall approach to food.

The part I’m finding most challenging at the moment is not having anything to chew but I suspect that this feeling will pass as my body adjusts and my head stops thinking about food. This is as much about a mental process as a physical one right now.

Fitting this in around a flexible working schedule means I’m definitely having to be quite organised but that’s also a good learning process for me. Due to my problems with food intolerance’s, I’ve grown used to going through most of the day without really eating much until I finish work which is not a healthy way to be and it’s definitely something I will be addressing after the detox.

Tomorrow is my first colonic treatment. I’m feeling a little apprehensive but I know Nicole will take care of me throughout the process. Roll on day 2!

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