Day 5. The Results

Day 5 arrived. I thought i’d be busting to eat something by this point but I felt completely non plussed about food. I had finally reached the point where my body felt great – lighter, less sluggish, less bloated and uncomfortable. I had no wish to put anything into it that might spoil it.
My workday was packed and went in a flash and all of a sudden it was time for my second colonic and my iridology results. Iridology fascinates me. Not only could Nicole tell me what was problematic in my body from looking at my eyes, she also gave me an assessment of my personality and emotional side.

Is this true, I hear some of you asking? Well, we had already discussed the fact that I have leaky gut syndrome (food intolerances) so, okay, you could be sceptical and say it’s easy to see something in the eyes when you already know that person is suffering from it. However, Nicole’s assessment went on to detail problems with my nervous system, adrenal weakness (I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue few years ago), sinus problems as well as a few other areas. All completely accurate and none of which she knew about. She also gives simple solutions to help ease these problems. I was so struck with her assessment I will definitely be having another one in later in the year to see if anything has changed.

For those that know me well, if I gave them the overview of my emotional side to read, they would doubtless agree it’s uncannily accurate. Again, for the sceptics, some would say that some of it can be made to fit in much the same way that with 12 star signs, horoscopes will always fit multiple people. Were it only partially accurate I might agree. But this is a totally complete picture of me as a person. Scarily so in fact.

A few people have asked me if I have lost weight with this programme. Not owning any scales, I really don’t know but I think it’s fair to assume that, given I’ve not had solid food since last Saturday, a few pounds have come off. I do expect this to go back on when I start eating normally again (today has consisted mostly of carrot sticks and soup. I’m easing myself back into eating gently). But it was never about weight loss for me so i’m not bothered about that. This was about resetting my body and giving it a chance to repair and recover from all the battering it has had with food intolerances. I can honestly say I feel fantastic. In fact I have not felt this good physically for years. My skin is brighter and clearer, my hair seems a bit shinier and my energy levels are surprisingly high, considering my food intake. Most of all, my digestive system finally feels like all the rubbish it’s been storing for years has disappeared. Nicole doesn’t recommend doing an intensive detox more than once a year but I can easily see this becoming a regular annual event for me. As for colonics, I am sold. Like many, I was apprehensive about having a colonic but my fears have been completely assuaged. It’s not at all painful and, as I mentioned before, the only real issue is getting over the initial embarrassment. As Nicole says, everyone has to poo and if you want to keep a healthy digestive system, a colonic treatment is hugely beneficial. It’s helped me so much that I will be having them on a regular basis from now on. Now I feel this good, I’m going to keep it all working as it should do!

For anyone who is considering doing this detox programme themselves, get in touch with Nicole for a FREE consultation. She will be able to take you through whether it is suitable, tailor nutritional tips to you and help you decide whether to do 3, 5 or 7 days. Even if it turns out the detox programme is not right for you at the moment depending on your own health, she may be able to recommend other things that you can do to start rebooting your health. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Her professional attitude, coupled with her friendly manner, her desire to help people feel better and her wealth of knowledge make her an exceptional therapist.

Finally, a couple of dos and don’ts for anyone interested in doing this themselves:
get organised. You may need to plan in when you have your cleansing drinks/supplements so that you don’t miss any. Make a schedule if it helps.
follow the advice you are given closely. This programme has been carefully put together to ensure you get everything you need.
plan when you are going to do the detox. Avoid particularly stressful times at work or when your social calendar is full as these may weaken your resolve to not give in to temptation!
remember, even the 7 day detox is only 1 week in your life. Isn’t that worth it to feel great
leave anything out. Even if you don’t like the idea of vegetable juices, if you don’t have them, you won’t be giving your body what it needs. The detox will be harder to complete and you may have to stop it early.
be tempted to stuff yourself the minute your detox programme is over. You don’t want to spoil all the effort you have just made.
be afraid to ask for advice. If you don;t feel well, talk to Nicole.
worry about colonics. Once you’ve had one, it will change your view completely!
For more info, you can check out the Bodyworks Practice website or talk to Nicole directly. Please mention my name when doing so – there are no financial kickbacks for me, but there may be for you!

As an extra incentive, for anyone living in the Surrey/London area who goes ahead with this programme in the next 3 months, I will give you a tailored reflexology home visit treatment designed to boost your digestion for free. Get in touch with me once you have had your detox consultation to book a suitable time.

For those that have taken the time to read this, thank you and I hope you found it helpful, useful informative or at least something to fill 5 minutes ;). If you have topics you would like discussed, feel free to get in touch.

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