Just how far do you push yourself?

When I ask my patients how they are, all too often I hear them reply about how everyone else is instead; I get a list of family, friends, colleagues and how much they are struggling just now. Frequently, I have to ask several times before I find out how my patient actually is. And when they answer, they often follow it with ‘but that’s nothing compared to others’.

The truth is, it’s fine to acknowledge that there are people in the world who are in worse situations but Continue reading

Can massage do more than release tight muscles?

You learn a lot when you study a massage diploma; from the basics to the complex. You study the muscles, all the body’s systems and much more besides. But you really start learning when you start seeing clients. There’s nothing like hands on (pardon the pun) experience to teach you what massage can actually do.

When I first started as a massage therapist, I was so excited to get my business going. I massaged as many different people as I could and started to realise that our bodies are so much more varied than we think. How and where we hold our tension differs Continue reading

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a person worthy of compliments, with a body that has adapted through growth from baby to adult, compensated for injuries along the way and generally achieved amazing things?  Or do you see something else? A reflection staring back at you that, instead of inspiring compliments and love, inspires insults and negative feelings?

“Fat, disgusting mess’.

That was one of the many insults I
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Why you might want your stomach massaged after all…

“No” is the answer I get from around 80% of my clients, along with looks of fear or puzzlement,  when I ask if they would like me to massage their stomach. But when it’s done well, stomach massage can be both wonderfully nurturing and incredibly beneficial. So why do so many of us shy away from it?

I get it, I really do. For years, I could not Continue reading

Learning to listen (or why I don’t mind ‘failing’ a challenge)

I was on a training course recently where we did a couple of exercises to do with listening. You would think it would be easy but actually these exercises were a great reminder of how hard it can be to really listen. Someone is talking, you latch on to a particular comment or topic and your own brain starts whirring into action, pulling up your own memories or experiences to enable you to empathise or comment.

But it’s not just listening to others that is key. Listening to ourselves is also important. And, regretfully, often overlooked. Continue reading