If toxins came in a pretty package….

A question for you. If toxins came in a pretty package, would you put them on your skin?

The answer is, of course, a resounding NO! Yet each one of us takes in harmful chemicals on a daily basis through the products we use. We make our choices based on numerous individual preferences, such as whether the brand in question tests products on animals or use known harmful ingredients such as parabens to which one smells nicest. More and more frequently, studies are showing that diseases are, in part, linked to toxins ingested Continue reading

Ever wondered about reflexology?

Have you ever wondered whether reflexology works? Or even, what it is?

Here’s one woman’s experience of how reflexology benefits her.


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Day 5. The Results

Day 5 arrived. I thought i’d be busting to eat something by this point but I felt completely non plussed about food. I had finally reached the point where my body felt great – lighter, less sluggish, less bloated and uncomfortable. I had no wish to put anything into it that might spoil it.
My workday was packed and went in a flash and all of a sudden it was time for my second colonic and my iridology results. Iridology fascinates me. Not only could Nicole tell me what was problematic in my body from looking at my eyes, she also gave me an assessment of my personality and emotional side. Continue reading

Detox Day 3

Common sense dictates that exercise might have to be paired down when doing a 5 day detox. Of course, being me, I thought I would still be able to do some exercise but maybe just cut it down a bit – perhaps a 2-3 mile run instead of a longer one. However, a walk to the bank and post office has definitely put paid to that idea. I’m feeling a bit tired and slow as far as moving is concerned.

Having gone back to my detox manual, it does say this is normal Continue reading

Detox Day 2 – My first ever colonic

Day 2 began with me noticing that, whilst my skin might be starting to throw out toxins, it’s also feeling smoother, softer and more hydrated. Although the last part is not surprising bearing in mind how many litres of fluids I have consumed so far, it’s a definite bonus to start noticing the effects already.

So, onto the real question. How was my first colonic? Every time you mention the word colonic, people start wincing and grimacing, imagining the worst usually without knowing what a colonic treatment actually involves. If you’ve ever seen the episode of Green Wing where Dr Statham gives himself a coffee enema, you’ll know what I mean. Continue reading

Detox Day 1


Well, I’m coming to the end of day 1 and so far, I feel ok. I’ve consumed a vast quantity of liquids, including the special cleansing drinks, which, in fairness, has kept me feeling fairly full all day. I’ve had a couple of woozy moments but overall it’s not been too difficult and my energy levels are quite good. I don’t think I would attempt a long run but I definitely feel better than I thought I would. I’m interested to see how my body reacts over the course of the next 4 days and in the following week as I slowly reintroduce foods into my diet, in terms of my skin, my energy levels and my overall approach to food.

Continue reading