Take a deep breath. And relax.

I have long been an advocate of taking a deep breath when you can feel panic rising or in stressful situations. It gives you time to formulate what you want to say (if you want to say anything at all) and studies have shown that it almost instantly lowers anxiety levels.  I use east-west breathing (or belly breathing) as part of my postural alignment sessions to promote relaxation and its something I do every day, whether I feel stressed or not, because I find it so beneficial.

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This article by Natural Health 365 gives simple instructions for 3 deep breathing techniques which you can use anywhere, anytime.


Health benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary is an amazing herb. Delicious in dinners, did you know it also has amazing benefits as an essential oil?

Rosemary essential oil has long been one of my favourites for its ability to warm tight muscles. I frequently use it in a massage  oil blend with black pepper and lavender to warm and relax tense, overworked or tired and achey muscles. Great for use in post training recovery or for mornings where you can’t seem to wake up.

Read all about the amazing health benefits of rosemary, both as a herb and an essential oil, in this article from Mother Earth News.


The stress factor

Stress is often seen as on overused word these days. All too frequently, you will hear someone say they are “stressed out”. But just because it’s used more frequently, does that mean we should ignore it?

There’s no denying that life seems to be more stressful now. In an unsure financial climate, more people than ever are having to travel further for work, or maybe can’t find work. Salaries seems to be dropping whilst other costs, such as food and fuel, are on the increase. The strain on family life and on our own health is on the rise. So, how do we combat stress?

Experts often say that some stress is good for us. Continue reading

It really IS all about you.

Having spoken recently to a few people who have had bad experiences with massage and having had one myself, I thought it was about time to set something straight. When you go for a massage, it absolutely is all about you.

You are the one who has decided to have this experience and you are the one paying for it. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and order something you know you don’t like so why settle for a massage that you don’t enjoy? Continue reading

If toxins came in a pretty package….

A question for you. If toxins came in a pretty package, would you put them on your skin?

The answer is, of course, a resounding NO! Yet each one of us takes in harmful chemicals on a daily basis through the products we use. We make our choices based on numerous individual preferences, such as whether the brand in question tests products on animals or use known harmful ingredients such as parabens to which one smells nicest. More and more frequently, studies are showing that diseases are, in part, linked to toxins ingested Continue reading

Ever wondered about reflexology?

Have you ever wondered whether reflexology works? Or even, what it is?

Here’s one woman’s experience of how reflexology benefits her.


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