Being: self-care sessions


What is it? Why bother? Isn’t it just another thing to add onto the to-do list?
Join me at Calm on Canning Street on Friday mornings for relaxed, informal group self-care sessions looking at these questions and more! Each session will focus on a slightly different aspect of self-care, from emergency needs to building long-term habits. We’ll look at tips and things for you to try at home as well as sharing our experiences of what works (or doesn’t work) for us.

If you have a particular topic you’d like to focus on, feel free to email me with suggestions here.

10:30 am each Friday morning for around an hour. £10 drop in, no need to book.

Not free on Friday mornings? Keep an eye out for upcoming weekend sessions which will combine self-care with guidance from other experts in yoga, body positivity, mediation, art as therapy and more.

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