Magic hands

I call Nerys “Magic Hands”! Whilst suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I had regular aromatherapy massages and reflexology from Nerys. I gained huge benefits from my treatments; helping with relaxation of mind and body and improved sleep. I owe a lot to those treatments, as I am sure they aided to the management of my health problems. Nerys’ kind nature, professionalism and expertise shine throughout her work. She is someone everyone should have in their life.
- Rhi


As a mother of two lively young boys and also a full time partner in a city law firm, Nerys arrives in my living room and transforms it into a sea of tranquillity which allows me to switch off and recharge the batteries
- Suzanne

Best Bath oils

Nerys' Bath oils are the best thing ever. Especially the Immune-Boosting one. Every time i feel a cold coming on, have a hot soak in the lovely oil and the cold never develops. I'll admit I was a skeptic before I tried but am now a total convert!!
- Nic

Best Massage i've ever had

The best massage I've ever had!! Didn't realise there could be so much difference between therapists but Nerys is a whole other level. Totally fixed up my back in five minutes. It's never felt better!
- Malika


I as well can highly recomment Nerys. I suffered badly from sinusitis and no medicine given to me by my GP worked, so my GP suggested surgery. I refused. Around that time I had given up and started to accept that I just have to learn to life with it or have surgery. I then had once a week reflexology for 10 weeks performed by Nerys and her magic and healing hands. No one expected it to fix my sinusitis, but it did. I can truly say that Nerys has got magic and healing hands. She is the best I have ever me. The only problem is that I have now moved to West Yorkshire and Nerys lives down South. I have tried many other treatments and people, but no one comes even close to Nerys. She has spoilt me forever. Now whenever I get down to visit London I make sure to book an appointment with her.
- Sladi


I can highly recomment Nerys' 'Magic Hands' as described below. I suffered from a prolapsed disk 11 years ago and opted to not have the surgery offered, but instead work with natural remedies and excercise to strenghten and support my lower back. After a number of various treatments the various issues were ironed out and i was left with a regime of keeping the back muscles relaxed enough to allow the core to do it's thing and not pull everything out again. Massage is the one therapy i now use regularly and i'm down to one session a month. Truth be known i probably don't need it that often but i wouldn't miss a session for the world. Having said 'no' to the surgeon who wished to fuse my bones, i'm happy to report i'm still an avid skiier and scuba diving instructor and enjoying life to the full. Especially Nerys' massages!
- Chris


Absolutely faultless! I am the director of a health clinic and have been a massage therapist for 11 years. The deep tissue massage I have just received is one of the best I have ever had. Nerys comes highly recommended
- Karl


Lovely treatments very professionally done. I was left feeling soothed, pampered and refreshed.
- Janice


I can't thank Nerys enough. I am a regular client of hers and benefit from my treatments, in so many ways. In the past, I have found the aromatherapy massages really help my sleep problems, helping me to relax and drop off to sleep more easily. More recently, I have enjoyed the benefits of the Swedish massage for sore and tight muscles. The massage helped release tension and aided recovery. Nerys comes to my house for the treatments, for a hassle free and relaxed experience. I cannot recommend her enough. She is my "go to" person for my general well-being. Thank you.
- Rhiannon

Good advice

I have Spinal Stenosis which from time to time causes severe pain in various parts of my body. A few weeks ago Nerys asked me some questions and then analysed the answers I gave. She then showed me 4 simple postural alignment exercises which I have to do each morning. They take just about 15 minutes and it has made such a difference to the way I stand and walk which results in far less pain. She is a very talented and knowledgeable person and I am so glad I took her advice. Gaynor
- Gaynor Cook


'The massage I received from Nerys was exceptional! Her skill level and massage technique surpasses all other massages therapists I have come across. Her massage had the ideal balance of being deeply relaxing and at the same time unravelled my knots and areas of tension with perfect depth and pressure. The specific stretching techniques she performed at my gluts and hips has done wonders for my lower back! It has never felt so good! Thank you so much Nerys! I will be recommending people to you and I will certainly be coming back for more!' Daisy.
- Daisy

Massage and postural exercises

Dear Nerys, I wanted to thank you for your treatment (specifically the foot-winding exercise). So far my leg's been really good and I've been able to keep jogging since I saw you, as long as I stretch well and keep foam rolling, too. Fingers crossed! Thank you so much! You've got me back on my feet!! All the best, Jon
- Jonathan


I recently had an hour massage with Nerys to help relieve tension and strain in my upper back and neck. In fact the knots in my back resemble speed bumps and my neck was strained by tennis and working over a computer. No one has ever been able to tackle the tension in my back and neck like Nerys. I've had massages with therapists in top spa resorts and have never received a connection like I do with Nerys. I don't know what special healing powers she has but it works! After just one treatment my neck felt more flexible and the strain in my shoulders less tense. Im looking forward to having more treatment for my back with Nerys. Sandy
- Sandy

Just what I needed

I have very tight shoulders, from years of slouching, but this wasn't a problem for Nerys. She built up the pressure gently and knew instinctively when it was enough for my muscles. Felt so relaxed by the end, so next session already booked.
- Laura

One of the best experiences of my life

There are not enough words with which to properly thank Nerys for her gift of healing. I soon as I met her, Nerys' warm and soothing energy went straight to my heart. Immediate and disarming trust. To lay down on her massage table, under her steady and healing hands is such a gift! One I am elated to share with everyone I love. I walked out of the tranquil room at Calm, smiling, lighter, nurtured, connected, and so very deeply inspired. Throughout the entire massage, I kept thinking that if every human being could feel this much tenderness and care showed towards them even for an hour of their lives, the world would be a magnificently better place. My deepest and heartfelt gratitude is extended to Nerys and the sheer magic she creates.
- Sarah Alexandra Teodorescu

Nerys is an exceptionally talented therapist and her treatments are of the highest possible standard.
- Colleen

Gifted lady

I have had many massages from Nerys which have always been amazing. I know of no one else who is as good as she is and it's no surprise that she is often called the girl with the magic hands. I have severe problems with my shoulders but after a treatment from Nerys the pain eases considerably and I am able to get a good nights sleep. Thank you Nerys.
- Gaynor Cook

Nerys is gifted

I can not thank Nerys enough for a wonderful aromatherapy experience. During the massage, she knew exactly what my body needed and I came away feeling like a new person. Thankyou!
- Sarah

SO Nourishing !

Can't thank Nery's enough for all she has done foe me. I've been going through a really tough time and her massages and beautiful, warm, and caring presence combined with amazing skills have helped me so much to release tension and stress from the body. Her oils are incredible too, so if you're wondering if you should book in - stop and just do it. You won't regret it. Thank You Nerys. xx
- Paula

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